USB Keyboards For Mac
Apple and 3rd Party Keyboards "Made For Mac"

Aside from ordering an Apple branded keyboard from Apple Store - Several computer accessory manufacturers make input devices with Macintosh users in mind. Among these Apple Compatible Keyboards you'll see low-cost MacAlly keyboards, high-end Logitech options and other alternatives worth pondering beyond Apple's own offerings.
Apple Keyboard Kit
- The one to beat: Apples best USB keyboard yet - Latest generation slim-line aluminum with Screen, Dashboard, Expose and Media playback controls. Dual High-Power USB 2.0 Speed Ports deliver more power and higher speed USB 2.0 transfer rates to iPods, Printers, Flash drives and whatever else you connect.

Stuck, Unresponsive Key? Spilled Liquid? Dog Chew The USB Cable?

There's good reason to want to continue to use a USB keyboard with your Macintosh. No batteries to futz with and recharge, no flaky wireless response, no Bluetooth or RF interference from other Mac accessories and household gadgets. Simply put, a wired device is implicitly more predictable and reliable than any wireless battery-operated peripheral. And, you get the bonus of extra USB ports. Paired with the best Mac mouse you can find, that may avert the need for a separate USB hub - or at least make plugging and unplugging certain frequently plugged devices easier to access.
Backlit Mac Keyboard - With Speakers!
- Illuminated, back-lit keyboards for Mac are a rarity. But Verbatim makes one that not only lights up, but includes a pair of small USB audio stereo speakers integrated into the keyboard and media playback control keys. Especially ideal for Apple desktop computers like the Mac mini or Pro towers which only have a single built-in speaker. Backlit Mac Keyboard
Large Print Keyboard for Mac
- For the visually impaired, aging or kids -- Large lettered keyboards may be helpful: Easy To Read Keyboard

Used Apple Keyboards For Older USB Models

Some users really want an original matching Apple keyboard when you need to replace it. The many colors of early and slot-load iMacs may deserve a Tangerine, or say Grape keyboard to match it, or a Graphite model for that ol' G4. For these I recommend scouring "Apple Keyboards" on Ebay - you can often find the exact color or style of discontinued model. But buyer beware: Really make sure the auction clearly states it was TESTED - and guaranteed fully-functional and not have any dud keys.

Fix Mac Keyboard? Sometimes You Just Can't

Broken and damaged keys on an Apple Macintosh keyboard often require completely replacing the entire thing. A single unresponsive or hopelessly stuck key is often caused by a damaged micro-switch under the key that is so small and tiny there is NO way to 'repair' the key switch. Cracked key-tops or missing Mac keycaps can sometimes be replaced individually, but often small plastic latches get broken when something falls onto your Mac keyboard and won't stay on when pressed into position. Just buying new Mac compatible keyboard is the most direct solution for 'repairing' the vast majority of keyboard problems.

Windows PC Keyboards On A Mac : Okay, Sorta, Kinda, Ugh!

While nearly ANY USB Windows PC 'board will work on your Macintosh. Well, at least PART of it. Far too many these days have literally a dozen or three extra special function keys and spiffy features only supported on Windows -- keys which when pressed may very well do nothing, something unpredictable, or worse-case do something you DON'T want to happen. Often the 'Windows' icon key is NOT mapped to the Apple 'Command' key and when you want the Option key you have to press ALT instead. Yeah, you can 'get used to it'. But it's far from elegant.

Another frustration you may find trying to use a Windows keyboard is that on bootup your Mac may have problems initially recognizing the 'alien' keyboard and require you to follow on-screen instructions built-into OS X to press specific keys adjacent to the space-bar on it at boot time to help your Mac identify out which key is what. Annoying!